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Mister Robot-O - Webcam

Mister Webcam Extraordinaire

ATTN: This product has been discontinued! Please see the Tend Secure Lynx Indoor 2 camera.

Motorized tracking lets you see and control your camera from anywhere in the world.

Mister Robot-O - Webcam
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  • Features

    • Motorized Auto Tracking (204° horizontal and 140° Vertical):
      Automatically follows your movement
    • Easy Mounting:
      Easily place your camera anywhere: LCD monitors, notebooks, and any flat surface
    • Remote Monitoring:
      View and control the mister Robot-o webcam from anywhere on the internet with Seedonk .
    • Share Live Video Privately and Securely:
      Allow friends and family secure access to your camera with Seedonk
    • HD Video:
      Capture up to 1280 x 1024

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