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+Cam Secure Streaming Video

Introducing the World's First Video Security Accessory for your Smartphone.

ATTN: This product has been discontinued! Please see the Tend Secure Lynx Indoor 2 camera.

Brings an entirely new way of securely streaming video to your iPhone or Android Device.

+Cam Secure Streaming Video On Mobile Phone
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  • Wireless

    The +Cam is built on the 802.11n wireless standard with WPA/WPA2 encryption specification, which is the current industry standard for robust, secure and high end performance wireless networks compatible with Macs, PCs, iPhone and Android.

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  • Mobile

    Designed for the iPhone and Android - Connect your device wirelessly to the +Cam and then quickly set it up with iSecurity+ App. In minutes, you will be ready to monitor your camera securely from anywhere in the world wirelessly.

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  • Secure

    +Cam takes strong measures to prevent unauthorized intrusion into your wireless camera. Unlike other network cameras, the +Cam uses smartConnect technology (powered by Seedonk) to sit protected behind your local network firewall and hidden from the public internet.

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  • Record

    With the optional iSecurity+ Cloud service, your camera will automatically detect and record any events as it happens remotely to the cloud and instantly alert you with a mobile app notification.
    *iSecurity+ Service is an optional web service that is not included with the purchase of this camera.

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  • Night

    Peace of mind in complete darkness with built-in Infrared LEDs.

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