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+Cam Secure Streaming Video

The World’s First Video Security Accessory for your Smartphone, with Full Video Recording to the cloud Capabilities.

ATTN: This product has been discontinued! Please see the Tend Secure Lynx Indoor 2 camera.

Now capture True Video Recording™ Playback right as it happens on your iOS or Android Device.

+Cam Pro Secure Streaming Video On Mobile Phone
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  • Video Recording

    Record Video Events as they happen to the secure cloud. Your camera will automatically detect and record video events as it happens remotely to the cloud and instantly alert you with a mobile app notification.

    *iSecurity+ Service is an optional web service that is not included with the purchase of this camera.

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  • Superb Video

    With advanced video encoding (h.264), your camera always delivers crystal clear video to you while consuming way less bandwidth.

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  • Wireless

    The +Cam Pro is built on the 802.11b/g/n wireless standard with WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption specification, which is the current industry standard for robust, secure and high end performance wireless networks compatible with Macs, PCs, iPhone and Android.

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  • Mobile

    Designed for the iPhone and Android Connect your device wirelessly to the +Cam Pro and then quickly set it up with Seedonk's App. In minutes, you will be ready to monitor your camera and record video securely from anywhere in the world wirelessly.

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  • Secure

    +Cam Pro takes strong measures to prevent unauthorized intrusion into your wireless camera. Unlike other network cameras, the +Cam Pro uses smartConnect technology (powered by Seedonk) to sit protected behind your local network firewall and hidden from the public internet.

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  • Night Vision

    Peace of mind in complete darkness with built-in Infrared LEDs.

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