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Bambino - Baby Monitor

Wireless Internet Baby Monitor

ATTN: This product has been discontinued! Please see the Tend Secure Lynx Indoor 2 camera.

Securely watch your baby on your computer from the next room or anywhere on the internet.

Bambino - Baby Monitor
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  • Features

    • No USB Cable:
      The Bambino transmits wirelessly to your computer through the USB dongle - there is no cable to keep the camera tethered to a PC. Simply plug in the USB dongle to your computer and place the Bambino in a convenient location.
    • Share the Love:
      With Seedonk, you can securely share your camera with family and friends, and check in on your baby while you're away.
    • Interference Free:
      With our advance digital wireless technology, experience clear and interference free video and audio all the time.
    • Private and Safe:
      With our encrypted tranmission channels, your video and audio are safe and secure.
    • Night Vision:
      Infrared lights lets you see your baby in complete darkness.

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